Meet the Baker


Jamie and I have been on a baking kick this winter season. I purchased a toaster oven last spring in hopes that it would inspire me to bake more this winter...I think it's working!

I think it's safe to say that neither of us are "naturals" in the fact, after our first baking experiment (peanut butter & nutella cookies), it looked like a flour bomb went off in my kitchen. But as we've been making new goodies almost weekly, we're becoming more comfortable and smooth in my tiny lil' kitchen.

At first, Mark protested our baking dates because it meant more tempting, unhealthy food for him. But as soon as he takes that first bite (he's usually our taste-tester), he seems to forget why he opposed it in the first place :) Despite our inexperience, I'm happy to report that everything we've made has come out delicious.


These are pumpkin-spiced cookies that literally melt in your mouth. The drizzle of cinnamon frosting puts it over the edge on the scale of divine-ness. We found the recipe on Pinterest, which is where we find all of our baking recipes. It starts with us drooling over the picture, then clicking the link, then examining the ingredients to see if we can even get it in Korea. If it can, then it's a go!



I can't help but feel like this is perfect training for my future wife duties. What man doesn't love to come home to the smell of yummy cookies?

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