Just after the clock struck 12 on New Years, I dropped by phone face down and the screen cracked really badly. But it was still usable, so I taped an old iPhone screen cover onto it to protect me from getting shards of glass in my fingers. It was pretty ghetto. But I kept using it for another couple weeks or so because replacing my phone would require me to take a 3-hour train ride to Busan, where my pops lives, because the phone is under my his name.

I finally made my way down there for a night and replaced my phone (yay!). Even though it was a huge hassle, going down to Busan is always relaxing. Maybe it's the ocean or maybe it's simply because the weather is warmer there than in Seoul. Or maybe it's because my dad's beautifully-designed office has such a peaceful aura about it. I don't know but there's something about Busan that's just nice.


This is the entrance to my dad's office (looking out). That red thing hanging is a wreath of over 1,500 paper airplanes that he and his staff made for their annual Christmas concert. It's an art installation in and of itself. 

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