Talented friends, part I


I have really talented friends. Take, for example, my future hubby, Mark Ratto. Ever since he got his camera for his birthday last year, he's been honing his craft of filming and editing. One of my favorite videos he's made so far is this one. But this next one is quickly becoming my favorite (a tribute to our little goof):

I've been missing her a lot lately, so when Mark presented this little video he made of her, I was so happy. I think it captures her personality beautifully.

Next up is my love, Jamie. She, too, got a new camera recently and it hasn't taken long for her to discover yet another gift. Here's her amazing video of her month (but really our's) of January.

(Watch in HD.)

As you can tell, I'm in it a lot...and I'm perfectly OK with that hehehe. When she's back home, I'll be watching this over and over again, reminiscing on these beautiful days.

Part II coming soon...


hannah love said...

both these videos are amazing.

Mark does an amazing job with the music!

I loved Jamie's because her camera work is so stable AND she did a great job of spreading out the events randomly but it all still made sense.

J.Lee said...

thank you for your love! I love you <3
my vids would not be any good if it wasnt for the people in it!

Susan said...

Ohhhhhhh soooooooo cute Molly. Sure miss her. Poor little thing. Did her mommy ever feed her or did you keep torturing her?

Susan said...

By the way, Elysabeth, ummmmmmm, would you please, um, never, ummmmm, ever, uhhh, climb on the outside railing atop a high building again? K?