Scenes from an iPhone


As mentioned before, I've been getting back into running since the sun's been out, which has been sooooo nice! Just ask Mark, in the dead of winter, I would pile on layers upon layers of clothes just to be out. I needed to move around. I was tired of being cooped up. Well, that time has finally come :)

Most of these photos are taken during runs through the city. Most of the beautiful corners of Seoul are found while I'm running. It's always a fun discovery, but unfortunately, I never have my dslr on me to take some great shots. Hope you enjoy!


[Taken under a bridge; the sound of cars and trucks zooming by overhead and the sound of water slapping the rocks below :) A nice juxtaposition]

[A creepy clown trying to advertise for some phone company]

[And my favorite...whoever was flying this kite was extremely talented.
I stood there mesmerized for 10 minutes]

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christina said...

noice^^ for some reason kites intrigue me too.. not like the crazy pirate ship or spiderman kites but just the average ones :) and also, for some reason, those clown guys on stilts are almost always creepy 0_o. keep shooting! :)