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My heart goes to Haiti. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit one of the poorest countries in the Americas a little over a week ago. Yet, the crisis is continuing.

Read this.

As most know, Haiti isn't strong. Haiti isn't stable. Nor is Haiti wealthy. In fact, Haiti is one of the weakest, most unstable, and poorest countries to exist. The earthquake and the aftershock of 6.1 magnitude that shook the already-traumatized Haitians is a crisis that won't end for a really. long. time.

I've been highly impressed with how Americans have responded. Poor college students who can't afford course books are donating $10 to a relief fund. Celebrities, who we see as self-absorbed and shallow, have donated millions and tens of millions of dollars. Relief groups have responded rapidly. Volunteers have dropped their daily responsibilities to jump into the chaos that strikes Haiti.

But like any other crisis (Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, etc.), the energy, passion, and fire that was so apparent last week, has slowly faded. My hope and prayer for the country is that we continue this fervent humanitarian spirit that has somewhat brought the world closer together. Let's ignore those (like FOX news) who say that we should focus on our own issues before helping others...because, let's face it, losing a life is far worse than losing a job.

I read the article above during class and I felt strongly compelled to share my thoughts, encourage as much as I can, and do my duty of helping continue the good that we've started. I have 15 minutes before my next class begins, so I will leave you with this. It is quite possibly one of the best pictures ever to exist:
(source: Britain's The Evening Star)

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