Well...almost. I have one more final on Monday and then, I'm done-zos. Should be a pretty nice weekend--going away party for my lovely Irish friend, Claire; baseball game, "Up" and dinner with the boyfriend, Korean food, beach and study...don't ask me how I'm going to fit all of that in the next 2 days..but I will!

I'm so excited for "Up"! I get to see it in 3-D. Has anyone else seen it? Thoughts? 3-D or just normal?

Anyway, I'm thinking about getting my hair cut...but really short..pixie status. I cut it into a bob about a year and a half ago and I loved it; but then, I wanted to grow it long again and it took forever. I had the "soccer mom" phase going on for awhile. Part of my inspiration is the fact that I will be studying in France next fall--I want to be as chic as possible...and it's a fresh start! Why not do something bold, right? Here's a few looks I like; gimme your thoughts:

The Sartorialist

Garance Dore
(Ironically, the girl in the pic is the Sartorialist's asst)

So, yes, your thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated. Because I know just as well as you do, long hair is absolutely beautiful...but short hair is so much fun!

2 style icons that I've secretly stalked (but have avoided mentioning because everyone in the fashion blogosphere thinks the same thing) are Alexa Chung and Eric Wasson. Why are they so rad? I like the fact that they do whatever they want, don't listen to the hype and rock it confidently. It's the ish.

I've got a pretty good wishlist going right now. Since summer is here and I'll have more time on my hands, I want to shop! A part of me says "Why not, Liz?! Go for it" and the other part of me says "Wait til you get to France, you idiot." Sigh.

(Boyfriend jeans; I've always loved 'em. I think instead of buying some, I'll just steal a pair of my boyfriend's old pants, sew 'em up and voila!--I'm sure he'll appreciate that)

(I just love this fabric of gaudiness. It's fun, quirky and fabulous. Gotta get my hands on it!)

(This too...This classic cardigan has a little bit of twist and hot spice if you ask me!)

(Lastly but definitely not least, are these SICK wedges from Nine West. Saw them in NYC and have been eyeing them ever since. They're on sale's the shopping gods that are giving me the thumbs up!)

Anywho, I'm hungry and I need to get back to work. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Ciao!

One love <3


yojamie said...

i like the first cut!

Mratto said...

I like the second cut. Keep it chic.

Tanya Nadine said...

Absolutely love the first picture. You have the ability to do a cute short cut go for it! I wish I could cut mine but it would result in an afro. Loved Up in 3D, how did you like it?