Ahhh...summer (what? 65 degree weather?)


First, I must start off with this. Leo and Bar Rafaeli...but look...closer. What is that? It's a UCI hat...represent!!

Anyway, that was sort of exciting to see today. UCI is known as boring, apathetic, a research/commuter school, blah blah blah..but this shows, that we're climbing, getting up there. I mean, we do have the best men's volleyball team in the nation (NCAA Champs) and we were the #1 ranked baseball team too (they sadly lost to Virginia in the NCAA semifinals). So, why wouldn't one of the best-known actors sport our school?

I'm going to keep this posting short until I have some time to come up with some nice pictures and thoughtful words to say. I'll leave you with this...a little chuckle (or a shock effect) for your day :-)

She wore this in Vegas. I understand that LV isn't exactly the fashion empire; it's no Paris or New York City, but c'mon, really? I don't want to come across as judgmental but why wear anything at all? And I wouldn't say this is exactly club, or night, or any time of the day, attire at all. Anyway, smile away. Have a great day!

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