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So, I neglected my promise of updating my blog daily, weekly...or even monthly. I'm sorry to disappoint all of my hundreds of thousands of readers ;-) I know you've anticipating my next posting and my wise words for the last 2 months are so. Well, here I am. (I'm pretty sure I'm talking to myself).

I have to talk about how awesome life is right now. First of all, I have the most awesome friends in the world--I love how we jet-set across the world, not holding back, not settling for the comfort of our own home. I love how we voluntarily displace ourselves only to come back cultured, appreciative and an entirely new, fresh person.

My friend, Vino (Alvin) is in South Africa. He left this past Tuesday and is already talking about sky diving, bungee jumping, shark diving, etc. He'll be there for 7 weeks having the time of his life, soaking in the South African rays and walking on the soil that Nelson Mandela has touched :-) You go, Vino!
Speaking of Africa, my wonderful friend and DC roommate, Emma, is in Rwanda...in the Peace Corps! How sick is that? We've been keeping in touch, emailing, as much as possible but she has no internet access in her hut..er, I mean, hut. Her adventures seem so out of this world, but every time I receive an email or she posts a new blog entry, I'm brought to tears. I don't know why--it may be the amount of respect that I have for her...you've never met a more down-to-earth chick who has so much ambition, but at the same time is soo laid back. Follow her, support her and show some love to my lover (Herrro?!?!) in Rwanda, Africa.

There are many other friends who are abroad or have been like my roommate Maria, my boyfriend Mark, my neighbors Emily, Karli, Milene and Cat...the list goes on. I commend all of them, and in actuality, all of them had to do with me going abroad NEXT FALL!!!

I will be in Lyon, France for 4 months at l'Institut d'études politiques de Lyon in a full immersion program, aka academic suicide. All my lectures are taught in French! But it's ok, I'm very, very, very excited; although, I have not been so excited doing all of this paperwork. ugh.

But soon, my journey of cobble stone streets, beautiful French women and men, and crepes du jour will begin. And more importantly, my regular postings of pictures and ridiculous experiences will resume...yay!

Here's a little eye candy for you...

Lastly, if anyone does read this, I would really love it if you could support my boyfriend's blog, Hugs from Kinsley. It's about his niece who's health is rapidly declining, and doctors aren't sure why. We're hoping that maybe, with enough diggs, his blog can be featured on the front page of digg.com. Maybe someone out there in this large world will know what little Kinsley has.

Anyway, happy weekend...have fun, relax and enjoy your lovely selves <3 Here's some pictures to make you smile :-D
Please take a ticket.

Old...and still in love.

Models for a new line of bow ties

My little siter got angry, hid underneath the bed...3 hours later, this is where I found her.


♥ fashion chalet said...

The bow-tie models; hilarious and cute all at the same time! :)



Whhhaaaaat! I didn't know you had a little segment about me! You never posted a link thing about this one... was it after I left?

Mannn.. thats so awesome. I'm gonna miss you when you leave fool. We must hang more before you take off on your "voyage!"