Let's Take a Moment of Silence as Yet Another Newspaper Dies


Oh dear. I haven't written on this blog for nearly 6 months. But I think now is better than ever to come back and write...regularly. Two reasons. Reason #1: I'm a writer. Writing is what I do. Blogging, blogger, writer, journalist--aren't they all the same now? Reason #2: I'm narcissistic enough to think that people actually care about my thoughts, musings, life experiences, etc. Kidding...I was really inspired to add more to this blog after reading some fun/influential/exciting blogs like reading my tea leaves and color me Katie. It's not so much about their writing as it is their visually stimulating pictures and fun crafts!

I was also inspired after reading about another newspaper closing, The Rocky. I am so tired of hearing these newspapers going down the drain. Newspapers have been around since the beginning of time and they are an intellectual, connecting outlet that have brought generations after generations of different ethnicities and cultures together. The Rocky isn't the only one. If you didn't already know, The SF Chronicle is closing and the Chicago Tribune declared bankruptcy :-(

Although I do not want to get into daily journalism, I DO want to work in print journalism; therefore, these sad, sad deaths affect us all. This is my future career, my current love and everyday studies that I am watching die quickly yet painfully.

So here I go again, promising to write more and invest more time into this blog. To conclude my short but reattempt to do this again, I present to you some feel good photos:

(isn't this the perfect place to read a book?)

(or this???)

If you couldn't tell, the theme du jour is reading because that's all I'll be doing this weekend. I can't complain; I'm a literary journalist and we write about interesting things, making it fun to read! :-) This weekend: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.

Bon week-end!

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