transitions are permanent fixtures in my life


Isn't it funny how people never get used to change? I feel as if my life is constantly changing, always transitioning and when things start to get comfortable, there's always a curve ball to bring it back to it's non-normal, inconsistent normalcy.

First, it was college. For the first time ever, I left home and lived in the dorms. I met new people, experienced new things, found a new level of independence and learned things on my own. When I started to get used to that, my boyfriend left for Italy for 4 months. That was an adjustment in itself. I experienced more patience, a heck of a lot more commitment and dedication and a deeper love. When he came back, I got used to a new life with my roommates in our beach house and my consistent work/school schedule. Then, in the summer, I went to Washington D.C. for 2 1/2 months. That, in it of itself proved to be a huge challenge, victory and memorable experience. Towards the latter half, I got used to my life there with my internship, weekly activities and group outings. So, here I am again, baffled at the fact that I'm in another transitioning period. Why should it surprise me? More than 50% of my college career has been full of change. It's about time I get used to it, don't cha think?

I'm entering a new school year with more opportunities. I live with 2 new girls in a completely different house. It's exciting but intimidating. I'm in the last half of my undergraduate career at UCI and I feel a new sense of urgency and seriousness. It's fun and exciting to not know what the future holds, but what happens when things eventually settle down? What happens after I go to France next fall and then, Korea in two years? Eventually I will slow down and life will become more consistent as I've never known it. If you think about it, that is a new experience in I've concluded: transitioning/changing never ends. People never get used to it. It's better to just accept that now and soak in the joy of each day's musings.

Just food for thought :-)

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