Another weekend of jam-packed activities passed through again. With museums, jazz, dancing, trollies and beautiful sunsets, I have to say, this weekend was another memorable one...

It amazes me how time flies. With just a mere 6 weeks left, I stand amazed at the 3 1/2 that have already flown by. Sure, the plane ride seems like forever and a day ago, but the experiences and the thrill of meeting new people seems like yesterday. Weird.

Anywho, after the jazz in the park on Friday evening, my roomies and I decided to get some more information on the Washington Monument tour, while taking the opportunity to walk around in a beautiful area. With the sun setting at around 7:30, the view was spectacular and absolutely breathtaking. The day was crystal-clear and the weather couldn't have been better.

After being in awe for about 15 minutes at DC's historical and natural beauty, we decided to put a pep in our step and get home. Later that evening, my friends and I went to the Black Cat Lounge to see Blue & Exile perform (underground hip-hop). It was a really good live performance and we had a lot of fun dancing and meeting him too!

On Saturday, I was very unproductive. In fact, I did nothing. Yeah, I'm sure it was a waste of a day but at the same time, I don't feel bad. Without days to wind down or relax, I would surely deteriorate from exhaustion. Unfortunately, I don't have any cool pictures of me sleeping/drooling on the couch...sorry!

Since I was counterproductive on Saturday, I knew that exploring the city was an absolute necessity so my roommates and I decided to make our way to Old Town Alexandria, where George Washington was born. And let me tell you, the city is beautiful! With history written all over the place, you feel as if you're literally stepping into a history book. Every building is wonderfully preserved to experience the magical history. The place is wonderful to go to with family...there are a lot of restaurants and lots of shopping! It was very hot and muggy but when we walked closer to the river, there was a nice breeze that made the day that much more enjoyable.

(King Street Trolly and extra jolly)

(Gadsby's: famous, historical restaurant)
(Very OLD tombstone...beautiful picture)

(The River)
After our adventures in Alexandria, we decided to head back to our apt. for a nice, relaxing evening. We rented "P.S. I Love You" which is one of my favorite love story movies of all time. We got super sappy and then, decided it was time to crash, readying ourselves for another adventurous week!

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