What can I say? I'm a PROUD lovahhhh


This post is not one of adventuresome excursions...well, not in the physical sense at least. My boyfriend, Mark, is the associate sports editor for our school newspaper, called the New University. During the summer, there are only a few issues, but he will have a weekly column called "The Hypothesis" (Editor's column is called "The Oracle"). Being in DC, it's been hard to keep up with all the articles he's written. Between his internship with The Daily Pilot and his regular articles for the New University, there's a lot of writing that I need to read in addition to all the writing that I'm doing here. So you can imagine, it's hard to keep up!

Well, today, I decided to go on the NewU website and read his latest article about the Olympics, titled "Pride. Excitement. Passion; I Dig the Olympics. You Should Too." And I must say, it's really good. I'm blessed to have a boyfriend/best friend who understands and experiences the same struggles, disappointments, difficulties that come with pursuing a career in writing. One of those challenges is finding our own voice. With lots of practice and failures and writer's block, I can totally see his voice thriving throughout the lines of this piece. It's always a good thing when someone says, "I can hear Mark's voice as I read the article." (said by a friend). And it's absolutely true in every sense. This isn't some cheap ploy to talk about my boyfriend. I try to keep my private life of family and friends private, but I'm really proud of how much growth he's achieved. After reading this article, my whole heart was filled with joy and excitement for the Olympics. And the best thing is: that's exactly what he wants the readers to feel.

I suggest that you take a look at the article. Perhaps it won't hit you with the same personal excitement that I experienced, but there's no denying that this is pretty darn good writing.

Congrats, Mark!

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