Last weekend, my beautiful sister-in-law and best friend hosted a baby shower for me and Mark. It was small, intimate, and absolutely lovely. The afternoon consisted of a proper tea party, fit with scones, macarons, fruit, and itty bitty triangle sandwiches. Paper flowers adorned the gorgeous apartment as the sunset poked through the high-rises and into the apartment's windows. It was truly the golden hour.

After the tea, we moved on to some fun games (who knew baby shower games could get so competitive?!), and then opened gifts for Baby Ratto. I loved that the shower was co-ed. Not only did I get to celebrate with Mark but also with my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and my brother-in-law's father. It was truly a family affair...and the most perfect way to shower the baby.

Although many friends and family couldn't join us, we felt their love and support from many miles away. Wrapped gifts landed on our front door weeks ahead, politely requesting to be opened at the shower and not ahead of time. As hard as that was to wait, it was so much fun seeing what came in those mysterious packages.

All photos are courtesy of Maria, with the exception of the ones she's in. :-)

[Guests wrote letters and filled out cards to the baby, 
which were placed in this beautiful Rifle & Co. notebook.]

[The beautiful NYC view from the balcony.]

[Opening gifts!]

[Mark claims the Ergobaby Carrier.]

[Yummy skincare products for baby & mama.]

[The cutest chambray bear one-piece I ever did see.]

[Baby jeggings...need I say more?!]

[Protective papa goes, "Is this a dress?" He doesn't approve of the length. Good thing it's a shirt.]

[A priceless expression.]

[I don't know what this face is, but I make it a lot when things are simply too cute to handle.]

[Uncle Martin & Auntie Kay...half of the hosting dream team!]

[Our dear friend, Evelynn, on the left and Grandpa Tommy on the right.]

[The other half of the hosting dream team and best friend, Maria.]

[Martin's parents, Linda & Val, who graciously opened their lovely apartment for the shower.]

[Had to snap a quick photo before the beautiful sunset disappeared.]

As you can see from the photos, it was lovely in every sense of the word. Mark and I went home, full of delicious food, love, and warmth...the best feeling, if you ask me. Thank you to everyone (near and far) for making the shower such a beautiful expression of love for our little one. We love you guys!

Until next time...


iris +++ said...

Absolutely stunning! I can't wait to meet this little one! xoxoxoxoxo

clara yoon said...

Such a beautiful baby shower!! I loved the bear suit -- too cute! Baby Ratto is so blessed, can't wait to meet her :)

Sharon.Mom.Granny.Aunt Sharon said...

You are stunning pregnant mommy Elysabeth! I was there in spirit!

Tanya R. said...

These are the cutest pictures I have ever seen. Your dress is lovely, I love Mark's shirt, and I want to die of the adorableness of the tea party. Way to go Maria! Baby Ratto is already so blessed and loved. Can't wait to see what she looks like :)