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I've done a terrible job at documenting this pregnancy. I've written, maybe, five journal entries about the baby, which should serve as no indication of how excited we actually are. It's sort of ironic, really, being writers and all. Let me just say, I had the best intentions. I'm going to do that weekly questionnaire, I told myself at 13 weeks. I'll take pictures of my growing belly every week, I promised myself (which I've barely stuck to—minus a couple weeks here and there—because one of my best friends swore she needed every week's picture for something she was working on related to the baby shower. I don't even know if that's still in the works.) I'm going to buy a journal and write letters to my unborn child, so that she can read it someday, I convinced myself when I first found out I was pregnant. But all of that—minus the photos—didn't really go beyond that initial thought. And now, 33 weeks pregnant, I'm banging my head against the wall, asking myself, "Why not?!"

All that to say, I am inspired to, at least, document the last 45 days until my due date. Why 45 you ask? Well, I was resolved to do 60 days until my due date, but days 60 through 46 came and went, and 45 sounds like the next nicest/cleanest number for a series. And it also happens to be tomorrow! So beginning tomorrow, I will be taking pictures on my Instagram with the hashtag "#45daysuntilbabyratto" in which I will be addressing our sweet baby girl and letting her know how mom and dad are preparing/anticipating her arrival. Then, I hope to turn those photos into a small album I can print, so that I can successfully say I documented the pregnancy of our first child. I'll try my best to update the blog with this series, but if you don't want to wait, you can always follow me on Instagram (@elysabethratto) or, if you don't have an Instagram account, view the photos here.

I am determined to stay committed to this! If you see me failing, just send me a friendly email with the subject header as "Helloooo?! #45daysuntilbabyratto." I'm pretty sure that'll kick me in the butt to keep going. ;-)

Until next time...

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Sky Becker said...

Yay for more belly photos!!!