[Mr. and Mrs. Monday] a busy life.


L I F E. It's been a busy one these past couple of months. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed quickly, but thankfully, I have a husband who's really good at putting things into perspective and keeping me grounded. Whenever I say, "I don't think I can maintain this any longer," he says, "Ok, well, what do you want to cut out?" I quickly realize nothing and that feeling of the world crashing down just disappears. Who knew I could be so melodramatic? 

Aside from the busyness of it all, we've had some really fantastic things happen lately. We're recording a video for re.write magazine. We've had family fly from New York to visit us. We had last hoorahs and tearful goodbyes for some of our closest friends (which is not exactly "fantastic," but it's exciting to see their lives move forward nonetheless!). And that's just naming a few. We've also been pumping out new and exciting articles (like this one and this one), and welcoming new writers, for the magazine every two weeks, which has yet to stop amazing me. Every day, I feel more and more honored to be running, writing, and editing this magazine alongside my husband. And every day, we aim to make it better. It's a beautiful thing. 

But enough about the magazine for now. Instead, I want to update you all on some of the fun things we've been up to in the last couple of months. 

Mid-May, my best friend, Jamie, visited Korea for a couple of weeks. While a part of it was to visit friends and the country she called "home" for a year, a major reason she flew here was for her business, Blossom Vintage. I've talked about her mobile vintage shop before, but she curates an amazing collection of vintage clothes from all over the globe...one of those places being Korea. It was fun shopping with her, although I quickly realized why she's running this business and I'm not. At one point, we found a flea market, and I was so excited because I bought an item for under $10. Jamie, then, comes up to me with a bag full of items (10+) that she got for under $20. For the rest of her trip, I just followed her to all the vintage shops and markets she knew of, observing her work her magic. It was awesome. 

[photo by jamie]

The weekend after she left, Mark and I went on a weekend trip to Sokcho, a little beach town in the northeastern part of the country, with two other couples whom we've grown very close to. Not only did Mark work with both husbands and both wives everyday this past school year, we've also spent a significant time together, sharing our dreams, visions, concerns, and life in general with each other. One of the couples was moving back to their hometown in the States, while the other couple was getting ready to spend the summer in San Francisco. So the trip served as a prolonged way of saying goodbye and see ya later. We relaxed, ate well, napped, laid on the beach, talked, and sang for a day and a half. It was perfect.

A couple weeks later, as Mark wrapped up his school year, we started recording a promo video for the magazine. It included scooter rides all over the city, sweaty interviews in our tiny office, and our apartment being transformed into a studio. It's not quite over yet, but the entire experience has been so much fun. And the person we're working with, Adam Hobbs, is insanely talented. We can't wait for the final product! Here are a few photos without giving away too many details.

Then, a couple days after our first day of shooting, Mark's dad and aunt flew in for a week! We spent the first few days showing them our neighborhood and a few of our favorite spots. Then, midweek, we went down to Pohang to visit the family. It was so nice. We hiked, napped, went on long drives and shared stories, visited Gyeongju (the capital of the ancient Silla kingdom), explored the fish market, and ate delicious food. I'm always so grateful that our families bond so well. We're well aware that not all in-laws are like that, so we feel blessed to be able to gather both sides of the family and always have a good time. After Pohang, we explored Seoul a little more before it was time to say "goodbye." Although it was a whirlwind of a week, we had a blast showing them our home.

[Mark's dad is an amazing musician, so we found an empty music room 
on campus—where my family lives—and got a free concert from these two!]

And these are just a few of the things we've been up to! But these last two months have been marked by loved ones, near and far. And we're eternally grateful for our friends and family, who make us feel so loved...even from thousands of miles away.

Until next time...



melody said...

I have NO IDEA WHY, but this post made me tear up. Maybe I just miss you. Maybe it's super late at night and I am tired. But probably because I miss you.

clara yoon said...

This was so great to read :) I miss you and Mark ~ (will be coming to Korea in September, can't wait to see e'eryone!) Love the update!!

Jane An said...

loved the update! I miss you so much!!! seriously can't wait to give you a BIG hUG when i get back. :)

Sharon.Mom.Granny.Aunt Sharon said...

Love reading this every few days....so miss both of you, but this blog brings me closer! love you - Mom