[Mr. and Mrs. Mondays] Business Trip


The co-editor-in-chief of re.write magazine jet-set to California on a business this week. She will be gone a total of 10 days doing interviews with article subjects, meeting with professionals and hob-knobbing with whomever will knob back. It's pretty cool, actually.

But there is a problem. The other co-editor-in-chief is co-editor-in-BORED.

This is our first time apart since being married and I hate to say it but, it's weird with Liz gone. The bed is empty. I don't talk to anyone at night. I am consciously leaving the sink filled with dirty dishes. And forget about shaving.

But why? Am I digressing to bachelor'itis? Or living the dream of apartment filth and carb heavy meals?


The truth is, when Liz is away, I am too, in a sense. I am constantly thinking about her. I often think about what she is doing (and in this case my thoughts always seem to run back to an In-n-out burger). I want her to meet the goals we set for the business trip. I want her to enjoy the friends and family she so dearly misses while we live in Seoul.

But overall, my motivation to be awesome for her kind of leaves when she does. I usually wake up ready to take on the world for her. Not for me. I'm a simple dude that would be please with a simple life. But for Liz, I want the world. And I want to go get it for her. So, when I wake up and she is not there, hum-drum seems to settle in.

However, I need to get over it. She is out there bustin' her buns to make things happen. She is going to get the world for me! And I can't sit idly by and just wait for her return in order to get things done.

After all, how good is a business trip if you come home to a stalled business???

Got get 'em my love...



Sharon.Mom.Granny.Aunt Sharon said...

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Yes, I said that in Caps.

Chinn Family said...

ME TOO! Yes, Sharon, I too meant to write that in CAPS. :-)