[Mr. and Mrs. Monday] The greatest gift.


During my layover at SFO on my way to the States, I recognized something very simple yet profound. Mark Ratto as my husband is one of--if not the--greatest gifts God could give me. If you know anything of our past, you'd know it was long. And that by all statistics, we shouldn't have made it. I was 17, after all, when we first started dating. But almost eight years later, here I am, married to my best friend.

We bicker. Voices are raised. We push each others limits. We get frustrated. Heck, sometimes we have to leave the house, go for a walk, and come back after we've cooled down.

But despite it all, we keep learning & we keep growing. And he's committed to making us better every day, even when I'm too grumpy to agree. I'm not so sure every wife can say that...and for that, I am committed to always coming back to this place of gratefulness. Because if we're never grateful for the gift of marriage and for the privilege of loving and being loved, what's worth celebrating?

You may dismiss me as a silly newlywed who is still totally head over heels for her husband, but I don't think this idea of being grateful is anything new. We just sometimes forget to apply it to those closest to us.

But today, I won't. I hope you won't either.


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Mission Romania said...

so blessed by your honesty - the "grateful" list is one we have instilled into our family as well. satan wants to fill our heads and hearts with lies about one another and seeks to do his deepest biddings amongst the "troops" - when we are having negatives thoughts about someone (in or out of our family) - we have instilled a rule that you must now give 3 things you are thankful for that person for - it is doing amazing things for us. Thanks for again for sharing !!! blessings to you both!