[Film Friday] Tribes


You may notice some fun little changes on this blog. A different header, new colors, and a new pronoun: "we" instead of "me." Well, that's because Mark & I are joining forces and becoming one on the blogosphere! Since we both sucked at updating our own blogs, we figured it might be better to just contribute to one. At first, he jumped at the opportunity. But when I suggested we move over to sans borders instead of landing lost, it took more than a "pleeeaaaaasseeeee" & a puppy dog face to convince him.

M: why do we have to go over to your blog? 
E: it's not my blog. it's ours now. plus, i have more followers. 
M: ugh. 
E: what if I use your header and make the colors less girlier? 
M: ...  
M: fine.

So there you have it...a new blog, a new beginning, us. And to kick off the new blog, we're starting with our first of two series: Film Friday. We hope that most videos will be original content, but every once in awhile, we'll have to throw in a video that totally inspired us. Like this one from author Seth Godin. Recorded at TED in 2009. Enjoy!


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