Don't forget the good times.


It doesn’t look like we’ll be going anywhere exotic for Christmas vacation. When I first realized this, I pouted. Arms crossed, lip out, eyebrows furrowed…just like your average 6-year-old child. When Mark asked me what’s wrong, I said, “We don’t get to go anywhere fun.” (what a profound, adult-like statement.)

After a few minutes of silence, Mark asked if he could say something. I nodded (but still pouted). He gently reminded me of all that we did in 2012: we spent two months at home, had the wedding of our dreams, spent seven days in paradise for our honeymoon, returned to Korea with two months of adventure before work started, and gallivanted in New York for a week with family and friends. Even if we don’t go anywhere for Christmas break, we can’t forget the amazing fun we’ve had all year.

First, why is Mark the best ever and, second, why is he always right? 

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