Utterly, perfectly content.


What can I say that will accurately express how content and joyful my heart is? The wedding was exactly what I dreamt of and more. To us, it was perfection. If you'd like to read about it from another person's perspective, my dear friend, Hannah, wrote about it on her blog.

There are too many details I loved about the wedding to list it here, but I will share just a few of my favorite moments:

  • Just a few minutes before the ceremony, as excitement & chaos overtook the room we were all waiting in, I took my mom aside and asked her to pray for me. Quietly, we cried. No one saw us. No one took pictures. No one interrupted. It was just me and my mom, sharing a very special and intimate moment. Very few words were spoken, but much was said. 
  • After Mark & I did our first look (more about that later), the entire bridal party and parents and pastor waited in the solarium together before the ceremony. As 300+ people took their seats outside, we all laughed, shared and cried inside. Rather than a pressure-filled, nerve-wracking build-up before walking down the aisle, I was surrounded by my family, best friends and soon-to-be husband. It was seriously amazing.
  • The entire ceremony.
  • During the ceremony, Mark & I took a moment to thank each other's families for their unconditional love & support. It felt really good to take the attention off of us for a moment and simply honor our parents for everything that they've done and continue to do.
  • After we did all of the dances (first dance, father/daughter, mother/son), the dance party music started (Jackson 5's "ABC") and it took no longer than .4 seconds for all of our friends to rush the dance floor. It was FANTASTIC!
Writing all of this gives me the happy chills because I'm taken right back to that night...a night full of love, warmth, honor and fun. 

I can't wait to see Michelle Kim's photos. Until then, here's a sneak peak from her blog


hannah love said...

:) beautifully written. and hearing about your mom pray for you.. such a blessing and precious moment that nothing could capture!
it was such an amazing experience for me and I'm so thankful that we were able to celebrate with you!

Michelle Kim said...

I LOVE you guys! Please keep posting and giving the world glimpses of your love. I just put your wedding photos on my blog!

melody said...

SHUT UP, I accidentally posted on michelle's post twice (oops! first comment should be deletedddd). anyway, she did such an amazing job capturing the day--- it was SO YOU!