I've failed at updating my blog regularly for the last 3 months. But I didn't fail to capture some of the cool moments on film (hooray for me!).

Here's a video to prove it :)

[Watch it in HD here.]

From here on out (at least until June 2nd), most, if not all, of my posts will be wedding-related (per request of Melody). I just flew back to California yesterday and I can't wait to get started. I'm just waiting for my brain to revert back to itself after being in a state of mush for the last 36 hours. A lack of sleep + jet lag + an overwhelming list of things to do + just wanting to hang out and be on vacation mode = a state of mush.

Until next time...


melody said...


video is fantastic, I couldn't stop smiling.

Mark said...

Great Video babe!!!

hannah love said...

amazing!! let's try to catch up before the planning gets TOO crazy! i miss you liz!

clara yoon said...

oooh i like the video :)
hope all the planning goes wellllll cant wait !
so excited for you~

Candice. said...

tres magnifique!!! (: