"Oh my God"


Among the smorgasbord of jobs I have, one of them is to teach English to 5th graders at an English library. I have three students: Amy, who is studious, sweet and eager to learn; Joseph, who is slower than the rest and a little lazy, but a good kid overall; and John, who is smarter than the rest but huffs and puffs at every assignment that comes his way. His worst habit, which I am trying my best to break, is to say, "Oh my God" every time I give him some more work to do. I can't really blame him, though. They meet with me on Monday nights from 7-10 and from 3-6 during their holiday vacation.

Even though I know teaching is not my gift, I have a lot of fun with these kids. It's entertaining to watch their reactions as I do my very best to act out new vocabulary words and enthusiastically show them new TED videos. Sometimes, though, they've got to have a quiz from big, bad Liz Teacher every now and then :)


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Candice. said...

lol ..
I just keep repeating lizuuu teacher in my head. hahahahaha