RIP Molly


Last Friday, our beloved dog, Molly, passed away from a mistake during her spaying surgery. I'm still coming to terms with it, especially since Mark and I had very much included her in our future plans. I can't fully express how much I miss her, but it's hard. And I know all of you dog lovers out there know what I mean. It's just hard.

She was simply and purely amazing, bringing so much joy and laughter into our lives. So, regardless of how much it hurts to talk about her, I think she deserves a blog post.

Molly, I love you so much & I miss you dearly.



Anonymous said...

I have been staring at the screen trying to find comforting words to write in this comment... I just can't seem to grasp them. I am so sorry Lyz... and that is such a beautiful picture of Molly.

xxx, mel

Ashley and Taylor Hankins said...

oh Elysabeth, I'm so sorry. I had no idea or I would have said something at church yesterday. I know how much Molly meant to both of you. We loved her too with the short amount of time she stayed with us. This makes my heart sad. I'm so sorry. :(

calijulz said...

Oh no...we are so sad to hear this news :( sorry for your loss. shawn, julie & raya