It has been one full month since my last post...I'm sorry.

I've been in the States since September 27th and it has been nothing short of a whirlwind. I was in California for 2 nights before taking off to Nashville for my old friend Caitlin's wedding. After 3 days in Tennessee, Mark and I went to Raleigh, North Carolina for 4 days to visit his brother and wife, Sam & Starr. Then, we flew to New York for 6 days, which is where I'm currently at until tonight, where I'll be flying back to good ol' California for another 2 weeks.

The trip has been amazing, fun and wonderful, but I think I'm ready to get home! This Saturday will be my dress-shopping day, which I can't wait for. But more details on that later :)

The plan is to load the hundreds of photos from these trips onto my computer tonight on the plane, and post them tomorrow. Then, we'll be back in action.

Thanks for understanding...until then, bisous!

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