Bridesmaid Boxes


Some bloggers, who get engaged, make it a priority to keep their blog from turning into a wedding blog. Not me. I can't help it...I'm excited about getting married to my best friend and I'm going to talk about it as much as my little heart pleases! Hope that's ok with you :)

First on the list is the bridesmaid boxes I made for my special ladies. Because I'm on the other side of the world, it wasn't feasible for me to take out my girlfriends for lunch and personally ask them to be in my wedding. But email just wouldn't cut just seemed too impersonal for such an important day of my life.

So, instead (with the help of lots of inspiration from wedding blogs) I put together a little box of goodies to mail to the ladies. The small square cardboard box featured a handwritten "be my bridesmaid?" inside the lid with some goodies to get their creative wheels spinning :) It included: my color palette, photos for bridesmaid dress inspiration, fabric samples and some notes to emphasize just how special they are to me.

It was a lot of fun to make albeit slightly tedious. But the hours of cutting and pasting were all worth it when I received each of their reactions. They were thrilled and excited to start planning the big day, which is exactly what I was shooting for.

Here's a little snippet of the boxes. Hope you enjoy...

[I personalized it by hand-stitching the first letter of their first name]





So there you have it. Wedding project #1: crossed off the list. And it feels oh. so. good.  Can't wait for more...

Until then, bisous xoxo.


Anonymous said...

Love. love. LOVE you color palet!

Anonymous said...

*palette. ugh, as if that just happened.

p.s. also LOVE that you are blogging about your wedding^^

Laila said...

You're so creative Liz! I love it! :)