Resolution # 6



Do you see what #6 says? It says, "Cook Korean food 3x a week." Do you know how many times I've done that since I created my NY resolutions, which was a week ago? Zero.

And here's why. It's not because I'm lazy or because I'm to afraid to cook. It's just the food is so cheap and so good here. It doesn't make sense to lug a bunch of groceries home in freezing cold weather when I can just go here:




Each of those plates, which is filled with pot stickers or steamed buns, is anywhere from $1-2. I know, big-spender right? I mean, seriously people, for how easy it is to just go here every meal of the day, I don't know if I'll ever cook again. And I know for a fact I won't be successful at fulfilling resolution #6. Oh well, there's 14 other ones I need to work at, so I guess it's forgivable ;)

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AB said...

I'm going to Korea the last week of Aug/1st part of Sept with my fansubbing group.

I'm starting to make a mental list of 'things to do'. This just made the list.

Aunt Mary