Baby, It's Cold Outside.


I can't remember how many times I've already said this in relation to Korea's weather, but this is my first REAL winter. And with that comes the winter blues. When I lived in sunny California (where it is now 80 degrees!), I'd hear about people getting depressed at how cold it was in other states, which I couldn't really fathom. I didn't understand how weather was correlated with someone's mood. Oh but it is...

You see, after 8+ hours indoors, a girl like me (who has been described as a "mover and shaker") gets antsy. Watching movies is boring, going online is boring and doing crafts becomes boring. Nothing indoors sounds fun anymore. So I get dressed, which is a 30-minute adventure in and of itself (we're talking stockings, leggings, jeans, long socks, tank top, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt and the poofiest jacket ever all at one time...I can barely fit through the door), and then I take a deep breath to ready myself for the brutal wind chill. The moment I step out my door and into the hallway, I have second thoughts. But I keep going.

Once I've reached the 1st floor, I've regained my composure and I'm ready to take on this stupid weather. But I almost completely lose it the moment I step out of the lobby. It doesn't help that there's a HUGE wind tunnel right in front of my apartment. In fact, Mark has pointed out that every single time he is with me, I say the same exact thing, "Why is it soo cold right here?!?! Why is it so windy right here?????" and then, I become angry. I mean, we're talking every single time. I walk in and out of my apartment about 3 or 4 times a day. You can do the math :)

Usually my adventurous streak only fights against the cold for about an hour or so and then I surrender. It's just that cold. We've been told many times that this is the coldest winter since the 80s and Sunday was actually the coldest day ever (it was -16 Celsius). Does that even make sense?

I hate feeling defeated but every time I'm feeling ambitious and the cold weather wins, I get the blues. Fortunately, looking back at my pictures reminds me that I have done quite a bit despite feeling like a loser. I've gone out to various cafes, restaurants and movies. And I have the pictures to prove it. So ha! cold weather, you lose :)

[A funky wall I found while exploring Sadang]

[Singing our blues away at a noraebang aka karaoke]
The question is: can you noraebang better than Mark?

[Of course, work always helps me get out of the house :)]

[In Hongdae on a wet Sunday, which is the home of the cutest cafes and restaurants]
Hongdae on a wet Sunday afternoon

Hongdae is the home of cute cafes and restaurants

Hongdae is the home of cute cafes and restaurants

Hongdae is the home of cute cafes and restaurants

[An itty bitty cup of tea]
A cold evening means an itty-bitty cup of tea (said in my best British accent)

[Let's dance our blues away!]
Disco time in Hongdae

[And if that doesn't work, a little reminder to be happy always does the trick]
It's always nice to be reminded of life's simplicities, right?

[Watching Tron in IMAX 3D]
Tron in IMAX 3D


[And of course, the best way to beat the winter blues is by eating your sorrows away.
Fortunately for me, there's lots of opportunities to do that here!
Here's some yummy jjajangmyeon at the iPark Mall]
Jjajangmyeon for lunch

[Kalguksu at Namdaemun Market]

[And bibim naeng myun as the side dish!]
Bibim neng myeun

Despite being the coldest day ever on Sunday, Mark and I went to Namdaemun Market just to walk around and eat the delicious kalguksu pictured above. And one point, our legs had both gone numb and Mark said, "Even though it's the coldest day ever, we just can't stay indoors, huh? It isn't our vibe." I couldn't have said it better myself!

Hope all of you Californians are enjoying the nice warm weather there...I'm not jealous at all!! ;)

Until next time, bisous xoxo

PS- Sorry for the low quality photos lately. My dslr has just been too heavy to carry around for my liking, so I've resorted to iPhone photos for the time being. Hope you forgive me, they get the job done :)

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Kaylenr said...

I completely feel you, Elysabeth! I am now in the middle of my sixth "real winter" and I was just thinking I had it beat last week. In fact, I was ready to post that I officially am used to winter and find it somehow comforting. The very next day it was down to 15 degrees and windy and I prompted chose to stay in for the night. The winters are so tough for us Californians, but when you get the reward of spring flowers, it will ease your pain a bit. I'm not going to go as far as to say it's all worth it, because I TOTALLY understand your anger (I get like that all the time living in a city), but it's funny how quickly the anger can dissipate when the next instant you step into a cozy cafe or see an intimate human interaction that you otherwise wouldn't get if you lived in the 'burbs. Bundle up and keep drinking your tea! Miss you guys :)