Good-bye Autumn, Hello Winter


Last week was spent crafting, cooking, working, cleaning and enjoying the snow from inside :P I went to Dongdaemun Market, where I almost fainted from excitement as floor upon floor housed fabric, buttons, ribbon, tassels, lace, and so on for a really cheap price. I've been looking for a warehouse of sorts filled with crafting supplies for awhile now because my days are free and I'd love to take on new projects to make my apartment feel more like a home. I'm hoping to make some fun pillow cases for my otherwise plain bed, pretty frames to hang on my bare walls and cheeky cards to send to loved ones at home.

So far, I've done none of those. However, I did put together an inspiration board to hang up at my desk. I didn't want just a plain cork board, so I decided to get some fabric (stripes...what else?) to cover the cork board. Then, I bordered it with mustard yellow ribbon. I'm happy with the result--it does it's job while adding a little pop of color to my work space (which also serves as my sleeping and living space haha).

I also added a little Christmas spirit by hanging lights around my curtains and window. I love it so much though that I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving it well after Christmas. I've also been busy making Christmas cards to send home.

For two nights, I popped in the movie "Elf" into my laptop, made a cup of tea and crafted to my little heart's content :) It was fun, peaceful and very relaxing. Plus, I felt proud knowing that I was being a little economical and way more personal than just buying cards from the gajillion stationary stores in Seoul.

Here's a little taste of my week...





Other than that, my week was very mellow. Work is progressively getting better. Since I'm there every night, I have a lot of opportunities to improve. Each day is easier as I become more comfortable in front of the mic and allow myself to improvise a little more. I'll dedicate a blog post to my job very soon. Just gotta work up the energy to organize my thoughts on what I've learned so far. It's a lot but it's also very jumbled in my head right now!

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Stay warm out there!

Until next time, bisous xoxo

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Simply Tanya said...

This is one of my favorite posts. I love pictures of your environment so I can picture you in Korea. I love your work station and cork board. It's amazing how something so simple can liven up a room. Love you and miss you.