The Concept of Time


No, I'm not intelligent enough nor foolishly courageous enough to try and explain what time is or why it exists. Simply, I want to state how interesting, complex and humorous time can be. I was told that our brains cannot grasp the phrase: the universe is endless. I believe that the vastness, the unknown, the lack of time are simply beyond our comprehension. If I try to comprehend it, I get lost in my own thoughts. In fact, every time I try to think about the infinite universe, I just think about meteors and the milky way, which reverts my thoughts to the candy bar and back to life on earth. Call me simple-minded ;)

Anyway, the reason why I'm getting into all of this is because these last few weeks could not go by any quicker. When I wake up and think, "What?! It's Thursday?! Holy moly..." that scares me. I don't want to live in Korea (let alone life!) going through the motions. I'm not dumb enough to think I have control over time, but I am optimistic enough to try and appreciate it, thus, making a particular moment, minute or series of minutes a permanent memory in my brain. I want to take something out of each day, imprint it in my memory, so that this day isn't just any day.

It's hard, I'll be the first to admit. I don't work full time, which is a blessing because I can change up my morning schedule any way I please. But I've quickly fallen into a habitual life:

  1. Wake up at 8:30 (pretty good for not having to wake up early, huh?)
  2. Make coffee, eat breakfast
  3. Go to the gym
  4. Read emails, read top headlines, read blogs, quiet time
  5. Make lunch, eat lunch
  6. Run an errand
  7. Start researching the evening's radio show topic
  8. Collect callers
  9. Make something quick for dinner
  10. Go to work
  11. Return home
  12. Watch a movie
  13. Lights out
This has been the daily schedule for the majority of this month, with a few exceptions like running an errand before lunch as opposed to after. So here I am, smacking myself in the head because today I did the same thing. Thankfully, my trusty camera captures things that I tend to easily forget. So when I look back, he (my camera, of course) reminds me to appreciate the small happenings of the week. Here's what he captured this past week...

[A new painting by my brother and a
used-but-new-to-me guitar is worthy of a little 'hooray!']

[But a new painting, a used-but-new-to-me guitar AND
a new tree I named Ethel is worth a legitimate celebration!]

[A delicious meal for $10 near a homeless shelter, where I kinda feared for my life]

[A cafe with a house cat that was more than thrilled to see new customers]

[And I got a kiss!]

[An opportunity to prepare/cook lunch for my dad]

[Family time with my aging--but very cute--grandmother]

[A chilly morning at Namdaemun Market]

[Feeling not-so-protected by policemen who have to be younger than me]

[A chuckle-worthy example of overzealous Christmas stores in Seoul]

As fun as each of these events were, they're easy to forget as I go through the motions of my daily life in Seoul. Thank God my camera was there to save me from the drab life ;)

Until next time, bisous xoxo

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pax aeternum said...

Thank you very much for the kind words!

In regards to time, I think only a fool would waste it by trying to understand it. Though I believe it is okay to get lost in your own thoughts sometimes.

What scares me about Korea the most, is not the threat from up north, but how FAST time has flown here. I can't believe I've been here a year.

Isn't it weird, when we're young we think time couldn't go any slower. As we progress through the education system, each year picks up speed exponentially. In a blink of an eye, we'll be at the end of our time on this lovely rock.

So, as my pops told me countless times growing up, "since today is already gone, live it like you've got no tomorrow."