A letter.


Dear Elysabeth,

Today is your first day on-air and I know how nervous you may be. I'm sure after the host informed you that he wanted your segment to be less-scripted and more open-ended last night, you're driving yourself crazy with all the what-ifs and what-could-go-wrongs. But let me remind you of something that you should tell yourself everyday: just have fun with it.

Take each subject and the research required for it as a new learning experience. Unlike many jobs, you're getting paid to learn something new, which will keep things fun, fresh and exciting. For the short 30 minutes you are on air pretending to be an "expert," rather than allowing yourself to succumb to nerves and anxiety, enjoy the conversation you'll have with the host and the callers. Bring out your alter ego if you have to, as long as you're having fun.

I know you Elysabeth and I know how nervous you can get. Most of the time, you don't let the nerves affect you, but every once in awhile, I've watched you buckle under pressure. Now is not the time to do that. Just remember, laugh in the face of fear by laughing with joy. It's easy as long as you make a conscious effort to live by it.

It's actually quite simple.

Yours truly,
Elysabeth (at a peaceful moment in the morning with her cup of joe, where she can reflect on how fun this job will be)


Susan said...

I have been praying for you all day. Remember every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord, and this is just one of many.

Enjoy your first day. We love you and are very, very proud of you.


Susan said...

By the way, is there a way we can hear your segments here via satellite?

Candice said...

keep it up, Lys!

I am so proud of you!!!
and along with your Mom's question .. is there? I would love to hear it!

You're brilliant and I know that will shine through the air as well. <3

AB said...

Hi Elysabeth,
What a great reminder of how solidly your head is screwed on.

What is the station and the name of the program? I'm going to start lurking around on the net to see what I can find.

I can usually find something posted within an hour of airing in Korea. But that is television. I'll have to see what's there for radio. If no live satellite feed or podcast, I wonder if you can get copies of your shows and upload here that we can download. If the file is too big for that, I can give you my M-Upload info and you can post the links here to share.

Aunt Mary

jamie said...

exactly. you are going to change the face of TBS radio. I just know it.

I love you! Can't wait to hear you at 7 tonight!! Im going to be giggling inside like a fanatic teenager!

Sharon.Mom.Granny said...

So - how did it go?