Color has never looked better...









Fall is my favorite season of the year, which I didn't discover until last fall in France, where I got to experience the beauty of changing leaves and crisp air. There's something so peaceful and beautiful about the combination of the two that it's difficult to put into words. But for those of you who get to experience the four seasons, you know what I'm talking about.

Although there's a harsh winter with killer winds waiting right around the corner, I can't help but simply ignore how miserable I'll be in a couple months because every time I walk out of my apartment building, a smile is immediately brought to my face as yellow and red leaves fall on my head.

Everyone walks past me, bundled in their long coats and scarves, and although they don't make eye contact with me, I know what they're thinking. Like me, they too are happy to be surrounded by other people to witness nature's beauty in such an unnatural city like Seoul. It's quite nice. If only this could last for six more months or so...


jamie said...

great photos love

pax aeternum said...

don't you just love the fall colors here! the winter looks so bleak here... but hopefully this winter will be a lot more warmer than the last. keep up the great postings :)

KARLI said...

crazy cool photos liz!!