Today's just one of those days...


Maybe I have the Monday blues but for some odd reason, I feel like I'm in a rut: I have writer's block, a creativity block and I'm getting kind of nervous about this whole job situation. Next Sunday will mark my one-month anniversary here, so I'm beginning to feel the pressure.

But rather than mark your Monday with my negativity, I'm going to post some pictures from this past weekend, which was a blast. I met so many wonderful foreigners at the boat birthday party, who are all a part of Jamie's teaching program. Everyone was so fun, nice and supportive and it's always fun making new friends, right? :)

[The menu was covered with CA license plates!]

[Sorry for the poor quality but this was an underground place we discovered in Hongdae]

[On the boat with Jamie]

[A friend, Phil, decided to partake in the rap battle. Oh boy.]

[At the park watching people dance]

Anyway, I miss you all. I hope your Monday is better than mine. If it isn't, let's kick this blues in the butt and make Tuesday that much better, shall we?

Until next time, bisous xoxo


Sandy Rose said...

Aww, sorry you're feeling bummed out! It looks like you're having a wonderful time and having some amazing experiences. I'm sure you'll find a job soon and everything will fall into place :). Miss you!

Sandy Rose said...

BTW: I love the music you posted! How do you get music on your blog, anyway??