settling down


After almost three weeks, I think time has finally slowed down to a normal pace of life. This week has been a bit "off" since I took an impromptu trip to Busan to see my dad before he flew off to Copenhagen, Denmark. I came back Wednesday night with the dreaded little tickle in my throat. Rather than go out and explore, I've decided to take this week to rest my body, figure some things out and keep it on the DL.

Unfortunately, I have no exciting pictures to share from this past week. For some reason, the thought didn't even occur to me to bring my camera to Busan since it was so last minute, but I promise there will be more next week. For now, here's a few lame snapshots that I took in the last 2 hours in a desperate attempt to give you something to look at.

[One of my favorite things to do in the morning is drink coffee, especially from big mugs. I think it's a really wonderful opportunity for reflection and a great way to cherish quiet time. That is why I love how cafes here serve your drink in big mugs if it isn't to go. Oh, life's simplicities...]

[I've decided it is time to learn Korean. Thus, I bought a beginner's workbook and I am proud to say I have memorized the alphabet...yay! I did it by making up a song to the melody of The Sound of Music's "Doe A Deer." Hey, whatever works right?]

[Because of the free time I have and the travel time in subways, I've had the opportunity to read a few good books. I just finished The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, which I highly recommend, and I am now starting The Places in Between. Have you read it? What do you think?]

As the newness of everything is slowly beginning to fade, I'm embracing the everyday musings of Seoul, such as the changing leaves, the sporadic rain showers (although I've been told that Seoul has "acid rain"), watching girls in amazement as they do everything in 4-inch heels (that includes grocery shopping, going to class, getting coffee...), everyone's love for life even on Mondays, old grandmas riding motorcycles and so on. These are just a few of the things that tickle my fancy. I'll save the others for another time.

Anyway, progress on the job front has slowed down but it's still moving nonetheless. I almost got a private tutoring gig but the mother ended up going with someone from her church because she was worried that I was only planning on staying for a year. I've been corresponding with a magazine that will publish its first issue at the end of November. There are also a few other projects in the near future that could be potential jobs. I'll keep you posted as they progress.

I'm contemplating whether I should stay in tonight or not. Like I said, I feel the beginnings of a cold coming on, so I'd like to nip it in the bud before it gets too serious. Tomorrow, however, I'm going to a birthday party that will take place on a boat on the Han. It should be really fun, since it will be the first time almost everyone we've met will be in the same place.

Then, on Sunday, I plan on checking out a church recommended to me by a friend. Hopefully I can throw in a run along the Han River or at Seoul Grand Park too. Sundays are no different here than in the States: they're perfect for leisurely activities and they usually end up being the most beautiful days too (weather-wise)!

Until next time lovelies, bisous xoxo

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