A successful week if I do say so myself.


- Had an interview with the Korea Herald (Wed).
- Scheduled an interview with TBS for next week (Fri).
- Found a new apartment and signed the contract (Fri).
- Networked with more journalists and became re-energized by their positivity (Fri).
- Discovered a few new places to take friends and visitors (Sat).

It's Saturday evening and I'm exhausted. Since Wednesday, I've been going like the energizer bunny and my batteries have finally worn out. My dad came into Seoul on Thursday and just left about an hour ago. I spent the majority of Friday and Saturday with him and his close friends. On Friday night, Mark and I went to the Press Club for the second time (first time for Mark) to hang out with the same group of reporters I met when I first arrived. It was encouraging to see them all again as they reassured me that I need to keep pushing forward and make it happen.

I have yet to hear back from the Herald, but I'll keep you all posted whether it's good or bad news. Meanwhile, I have an article that I'm working on for Yonhap News Agency that's due next week and although I scheduled a couple interviews for the article, I'm not feeling as organized as I should be. But I tend to work the best this way: you know, miserably racked with anxiety and pressure until the very moment my work is submitted.

Although the following pictures will reveal how "hard" I've been working, in my defense, exploring the city is still a part of my daytime job ;) Enjoy...

[Letter/Postcard Writing Night with Jamie]

[Stationary galore]

[A restaurant/wine bar in Sinsa with the most wonderful terrace imaginable]



[My pops at Coffeesmith, looking pretty suave]

[Coffeesmith: an industrial-looking coffee shop in Sinsa]

[A Halloween party at the British Embassy, where we went after the Press Club]

See the rest of the photos here.

So there's my latter half of the week. We're celebrating Halloween tonight; I'm going to be Edward Scissorhands. Jamie asked if I wanted to go to a club tonight and I promptly replied, "Can you imagine me in a club, trying to dance with my makeshift scissorhands...I don't think so."

Happy Halloween everybody!

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