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I just signed up for Bloglovin, which is a website that rounds up all your favorite blogs into one place. It shows a list of the newest posts from every blog, which saves a lot of energy going from blog to blog to see if there are any updates. I love it! It makes reading blogs so much easier, but it's also a little scary to see how many blogs I actually look at on a regular basis...let's just say it's an appalling number that explains a lot of why I procrastinate ><

Anyway, I added an icon to the right of my blog, just in case you want to follow my blog via bloglovin. You can start building your list too for a one-stop shop to blog heaven! tee hee hee.

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Happy Monday lovers!

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Anonymous said...

Happy graduation! I can't believe it - you're getting older so I must be too. Enjoy your summer and wish I could come with you guys.

Love Leslie and family