On Saturday, my parents hosted a huge fundraiser/party for Zion, the school that my siblings attend. The party had a Hollywood theme to it, complete with red carpets, a step-and-repeat area, a live 18-piece band, drinks, food, dancing, the whole shebang! They even had a film crew filming scenes for their movie...it definitely had an old Hollywood vibe to it. Over 300 people attended and I have to say, it was really magical how my mom and the rest of the party committee transformed our house into this magical garden with gorgeous star-like lights. I went on a shooting frenzy, taking pictures of everything from the ice sculpture to the little blackberries on the desserts. Here are just a few...

The entire party reminded me of the lavish parties that were in the movie "Sabrina" featuring Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond and Greg Kinnear. Since there was alcohol at the party, guests had to be 21+ so my poor brothers and sister had to stay upstairs all night. I went upstairs a couple of times to keep them company and I caught all three of them looking outside of the window, wishing they were in on the fun...isn't that cute????

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