life should be like coachella


Ok, so it has been a couple of days since I returned from good 'ol 90+ degree Indio for the Coachella Music Festival. I postponed my blogging efforts not so much because of laziness or exhaustion but more because of my inability to put this weekend into tangible words. You see, when people excitedly asked, "How was it?" they often walk away confused as I tried to muster up a few words, barely able to make a complete sentence. "It was...uh...oh man, I don't even know where to begin. was amazing. The music, the was just...(sigh)"

My blog about Coachella will be kept simple in an effort to avoid overshadowing the experience with fancy shmancy words. In short, I am blessed to have experienced music at its most organic level with over 75,000 other music lovers. Coachella is and was, simply put, magical.

Music, the language that defies all boundaries and touches everyone, surrounded me at all times of the day for three days straight. I stood sweaty shoulder to sweaty shoulder with fellow music lovers, united for one reason and for one reason only: music. Each of us were there to appreciate the artistry of music; every individual came to the festival with a personal story of how music has affected his or her life. At carnivals and amusement parks, being in the sun around that many people usually harvests cranky people and poor attitudes. But here, the power of music kept things at peace. People were friendly, cordial and respectful. Every stranger came together as a community to appreciate music and experience it organically.

What made it that much more special was the group of beautiful people that I went with. Jamie, Candice, Emily and DJ created a special experience that will forever make this weekend one of the best in my life.

Quickly, here's what went down: we stayed at Emily's friend's parents' house just 10 minutes away from Coachella. The two-story house was clean and comfortable. We had hot showers, comfy couches and bagels and coffee every morning (totally beats the 2+ hour wait for showers at the Coachella camp grounds). Jamie, DJ and I didn't get into Coachella until 8 p.m. despite leaving Orange County at 1:45 p.m. We saw La Roux, Vampire Weekend and Jay-Z. Candice and Emily got in too late and unfortunately missed the first night. The second day, we saw Temper Trap, XX, Bassnectar, Hot Chip, MGMT, Muse and Tiesto. The third day, we saw Deer Hunter, Glitch Mob, De La Soul, Florence and the Machines, Matt & Kim, Phoenix, Thom Yorke and Gorillaz. Unfortunately, we couldn't see everyone because of some overlapping problems but I don't regret a thing. Every artist blew me out of this world. Words can't quite describe it...



[Waiting for Jay-Z]


[The backdrop for "Empire State of Mind"]


[Part of the gang, ready to tackle the day]

[Heading over to Temper Trap]

[Happy feet!]

There were some interesting outfits too...

[DJ chillin]

[The ladies]

[Me & Emily dancing]



[Hottest day!!]

[Club 75]

[Sun beginning to set]

[Guess who came and surprised us?!?!]

Like I said, it was a beautiful that I will never forget. It is a weekend that I will forever consider one of the best. Thank you Coachella and thank you to the beautiful people who made it what it was.

Ciao <3>



awesome blog and awesome pics. =] I'm still so so so so so so jealous. =P

Simply Tanya said...

Like most things you write, I am left feeling so happy! I need to make it out there next year! Miss you!