let's play catch up


Despite the curse of finals that plagued my life in the middle of March, the month has been filled with lots of fun. Gorgeous days of thrifting, lunching and laughing made the start of Spring that much sweeter.
[A day in L.A.]

[My lovely friend Jamie!]


[At Cannery Restaurant with Mark]

[Calamari Fritti]

A couple weeks ago, Mark and I went to Laguna Beach for a date with the sunset and a delicious meal at Brussels Bistro. French fries? Check! Belgium Beer? Check! French-speaking servers? Check!

[Mark and I trying to do a jumping pose...guess we were too late!]

[Someone thought: hey, if the tree isn't growing flowers, tape one!]

[Gorgeous sunset huh?]

[My stomach is madly grumbling as I upload this picture]

I also went to Mammoth with my family. Since my parents don't have cable at home, our downtime was spent watching marathons of Cash Cab, The Deadliest Catch and The Iron Chef. Every other moment was spent in the jacuzzi, inner-tubing or skiing. After 2 full days of skiing, my face was disgustingly fried. Then, I proceeded to look like a burn victim, forcing me to switch my bangs over to the other side and look like I am trying to bring the look of a comb-over back. Ha!
[Family house in Mammoth, complete with icicles :D]

[Little Mary and her deadly weapon]


[1st day of skiing]

[2nd day of skiing on the advanced slopes and totally burnt!]

So that was the second half of my March. How was yours? I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. Hanging out with the family and silly kids made my spring break just as wild as anyone else's :P

Have a great Monday!

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