Women's Figure Skating


I would just like to take this moment to express my excitement for tonight's Olympic events. The women's short program will be tonight and I can't wait!!

Is it bad that I'm going to root for South Korea's Kim Yu-Na? I mean, I know I'm American and all, but I'm really drawn to her charisma and natural talent. Sure, it would be great to see the very young Americans continue the streak of winning...but the odds are against them. And I can just picture my crazy family members in Korea going crazy...jumping around, dancing, drinking, etc.

Regardless, I just love to watch figure skating so whoever wins, I'll be happy. :)


Candice said...

you little ice skater!

root for South Korea!!!
After all you are Korean too. ;)

elysabeth said...

did you watch?!?! she was sooo good...she makes $9 million a year in endorsements -_-

What's with asians and their celebrities?? hahaha