Freedom of speech


This post is in response to this story. I suggest you read it before you continue on to my post.
The biggest complaint here is the students' right to freedom of speech. I completely agree that, as students, we have a responsibility to respectfully voice our opinion and concern when we disagree with something. And I believe that it is wrong to be arrested for expressing our right.


I used the word "respectfully" above for a specific reason. Everyone is throwing a hissy fit because these students were simply arrested for expressing their opinion. But that's not the issue here. We have a right to speak freely but not if we are suppressing someone else of the same right. I understand that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is intense, always heated, and very touchy. However, the basic fact is that this guest speaker who was invited to UCI had a right to speak freely and regardless of what spectators believed, they should have waited until he was done to debate or disagree. Not only did these students' actions show disrespect, it should immaturity. I am embarrassed that they couldn't act maturely; what kind of representation do young adults have now that this news had made headlines? Will we not be dismissed even more than we already are for just being stupid, fiery college students seeking to wreak havoc?

And when have we ever been successful in getting our way if we kick and scream? Hasn't history shown us that the best way to do something is by being civil about it?

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