Who Dat?


Last week, I committed to working at the Orange County Register for the next 6 Sundays or so. I saw it as a great opportunity to excel and work an exciting shift (breaking news). But I soon put two and two together and realized that the first Sunday I'd be working was Super Bowl Sunday! I've always loved Super Bowl Sunday oh-so-much. Not only do I enjoy watching football, I love spending the entire day with friends. So you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that I would miss out on all of this.

However, this Sunday proved to be anything but disappointing. When I walked into the office at 9 am, my editor informed me that I would be going to Mission Viejo to cover a New Orleans Mardi Gras-style block party. OK, I thought, at least I get to enjoy some pregame festivities.

When 1:30 rolled around, I made my way to the Painted Trails neighborhood in Mission Viejo. What I saw blew my mind--150+ family and friends hanging out, eating & drinking, dancing to music, repping Saints' colors, just having themselves a good 'ol time. After spending about an hour and a half there, I rushed back to the office to write my story. Being around these crazy fans made me want to go home and watch the game...I was so pumped.

Thankfully, I finished around 4:30 and made it back to Newport around 5ish. I put on my black & gold colors and ran to the nearest bbq to be near some good friends while catching the last half of the game. It was so worth it too.

Going into Super Bowl, I knew I was rooting for the Saints. I rooted for them for a number of reasons: they were the obvious underdog and I was tired of seeing the big and powerful monsters win the last couple of championships; they truly played with heart; and after hanging out with the New Orleans locals and hardcore Saints fans, I was 100% convinced that I was a Saints fan from birth. For those of you who watched the game, didn't you think they played with impressive momentum and tons of heart?!

PS- I was bawling when Drew Brees was holding his son, explaining the importance of this win into his sound-muffled ears. Hands down, it was the most adorable, special moment I have ever seen.

Happy Monday!


Kaylenr said...

I loved seeing Drew Brees holding his son too! It was such a great game and will undoubtedly give some real hope and momentum to New Orleans. Thanks Liz1

iris +++ said...

oh my goodness when i saw drew brees hold his son i almost broke out into tears in front of 20+ guys. what an amazingly touching moment!! i love that picture! xoxo