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Being in France and cutting off all my hair has really turned my interest towards the lines between masculinity and femininity. I love when women rock men's clothes and still look feminine doing it! Right now, I'm all about blazers, stripes, flat oxfords, men's watches, etc.

When it comes to fashion/celebrity muses, I'd have to say--in no particular order-- #1 Charlotte Gainsbourg, #2 Garance Doré, #3 Kate Moss (who doesn't she inspire?), #4 Sienna Miller to name a few.

[Charlotte Gainsbourg]

[Garance Doré]

[Sienna Miller]

I'm especially a fan of classic/timeless staples, such as blazers, solid colors, geometrical cuts, blacks/whites/grays, etc. Although it can look really cute on some, I generally steer clear from metallics, neon colors, 80s-anything, hippie 60s-anything* , crazy gladiator sandals and such. These items tend to be really trendy and although they're cute for about a month, they get old fast.

Have a good Saturday!

--A little "hello" to my newest follower & real life friend, Liz!

* Correction by Mark Ratto. He texted me saying "Elysabeth, hippies are from the 60s. 70s was disco" :)

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PJ Fong said...

I love this style too :) my flat oxfords that we both have definitely got a good wear this winter!