up, up, up.


I'm happy to report that I've been feeling better...I think I may have found a way out of this month-long slump. It took a couple of slaps from my loved ones, a few nights of letting myself sulk, and some heavy digging for a little creative inspiration. With hard work, unconditional love from friends and family, and a little self-indulgence, I feel good :-)

Money is still an issue (as always), but I can't let a never-ending problem, such as money, take away from the everyday pleasures like a beautiful sunset, fluffy white clouds, a great breakfast with a loved one, etc.

[Courtesy of my friend Alvin J. Rocha]

How was your weekend? Tell me what your highlight was?

I had a great little weekend. I spent two awesome evenings with the girlfriends on Thursday and Friday night. Then, I was treated to a terrific lunch with my family. That evening, Mark and I took my little brother to buy his very first skateboard. On Saturday night and Sunday, I totally enjoyed myself doing minimal work. I went to the library, checked out a couple of books and CDs.
[The essence of a lazy afternoon.]

Now, it is the start of February and a new week and I'm feeling really good about it. Don't you? January may have just been a yucky month for me and I have no problem dismissing it as just "one of those" months. But now it's over so let's focus on the brighter days, shall we? If it was up to me, I'd make the beginning of February the official "happy & positive" week. What do you think? It's got a certain ring to it, doesn't it? I say we do it...who's with me?

I have a huge piece that I'm working on for the next few weeks. It has to do with my journalism class and I really need to start dedicating some serious time to it. I'm excited though because I get to be very creative yet challenged at the same time. These are the types of challenges I thrive on! Maybe I'll let you read some of it ;)

[I'd love to work at a desk like this]

Anywho, I hope you have a beautiful beginning of the week.

Happy "happy & positive" week!

PS- A loving "hello" to my new followers--Melita & Mark [my real life boyfriend!]

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