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What a beautiful morning.

After a productive night of punching out a paper that I successfully procrastinated on, I woke up this morning and had a wonderful breakfast with Mark at Ruby's Diner on the pier. The weather could not have been more gorgeous- the sun was radiating, the fluffy white clouds happily smiled at me, and the water was crystal clear. I had turkey sausage eggs benedict with spinach and grilled tomatoes...can you say MMMMMMM??

Yesterday at work, as I mentioned before, I went to the police department to learn about guns. A couple of the reporters here had mistakenly described certain weapons as "automatic machine guns." We had callers correcting us, ultimately prompting an educational field trip to the police department. I have to say, it was a lot of fun. I met the chief of police and best of all, I shot about 4 different types of guns. I can't remember the technical names for them all, but two of them were rifles (one cowboy-looking one and one very intimidating SWAT-looking one), one was a glock and the last was a pistol. The pistol was definitely the hardest...my whole body recoiled every time I shot. It was almost as if I was shooting at the ceiling (but not really!). Anyway, I'd say a very successful (and fun) day to say the least. So, now that you know I can shoot, don't mess with me...hehehe I kid, I kid.


Have a beautiful day!

*A special .hello. to my newest follower, Mairi (pretty name!)


Melita said...

love love love eggs benedict with spinach and tomatoes!! your blog is adorable. i found you by way of reading my tea leaves. have a wonderful week. hugs!!

elysabeth said...

Thanks for the kind words, Melita (love the name)! I hope you have a wonderful week too. xoxo

PS- love reading my tea leaves :)