La Fête des Lumières


Last weekend, from December 5th to the 8th, was the Festival of Lights. Every year, thousands, if not millions, flock to Lyon to see the city light up. There were over 60 light shows and installations on chapels, in parks, in plazas, along the rivers, etc. I had no idea what to expect but all the locals kept telling us to avoid the first day because it is always absolute insanity. So what did we do? We went out on the first night. They weren't kidding. Every street was blocked off and they were packed with people from all over the world. Literally, standing in the center of the street, I could not move with all the people around me. Everyone was shoulder to shoulder. BUT it was worth the experience. These pictures are from the first night; they are quite blurry because of the madness (sorry):
[Can you see all the people?]

[Some light installation with plants and flowers]

[Pretty cool huh?]

[Hotel de Ville- City Hall]

[Place Bellecour; they put that ferris wheel up in 1 day!]

[Place Bellecour]

[A light show about "temps"- the same word for time and weather]

[A laser show]

[Disgruntled at all the people...]

[Just a cafe]

[Saint Jean Cathedral]

[A new way to capture photos haha]

I didn't go out on Sunday night to see the lights because I was studying and it was raining and cold. However, fireworks were going to be set off from the Fourvière Basilica so I contemplated for about 15 minutes if I should get my lazy self out of my apartment and see the spectacle. To be honest, I'm not that impressed with fireworks because a) I worked at Disneyland and saw the fireworks every night at 9:30 pm and b) my family lives by Disneyland and hears the fireworks every night at 9:30 pm. Anyway, I decided against it but to my surprise, at 7 pm, I saw the fireworks from my window at my desk! It was a nice break and I got to see them from the comfort of my house...without moving a centimeter :)

On Monday, December 7th, Jessica and I decided to go see the other sites. We figured it was our last opportunity to see everything because the last day of the festival was on Tuesday and we had class then. We headed out around 9 pm and went to the Fourvière Basilica, Saint Jean plaza, the Carnot plaza, and Parce de la Tête d'Or. The first two were my favorite and the last two were so-so. We stayed out for 3 hours in the pouring rain, determined to see everything. Then, I missed the last metro so I had to walk uphill at midnight after 3 hours of walking. It wasn't fun...but I have to say it was worth it. (None of these pictures are color-enhanced, by the way. They are just that cool.)


[Saint Jean Cathedral]

[The light show was about the remaking of Saint Jean. There were hands that would draw the lines of the church, as if sketching. Kind of hard to explain]

[At the park...something out of the Twilight Zone or something]

[Can't wait for Chrismas!]

NOTE: As I am writing this, it has begun SNOWING! It's sooo beautiful :)

OK, anyway, the festival lights was sooo much fun and as you can see, it was gorgeous. I'm really glad I had the chance to see it, that it happened before I left. You can just feel Christmas here- it's in the air, on people's faces, in everyone's homes. I can't wait.

Until next time, ciao.

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