Finals. Final two and a half weeks. Final classes. Finalement, la fin de mon sejour à Lyon est proche. (Finally, the end of my stay in Lyon is near).

The day-to-day emotions are pretty rollercoastery. Some days I'm so, so excited to see my family, my friends, my boyfriend, to take classes in English, to have an income (ha!), go to Trader Joe's/Target, and eat Korean food. Other days, I walk around Lyon, thinking about how much I will miss this beautiful place. My daily and weekly activities will no longer be- going to the boulangerie and buying a HOT and fresh baguette, running at the Roman Theatre ruins, thinking and taking pictures at my favorite look-out spot, jogging at the nearby park, passing the rivers, etc. It also doesn't help that right now, there is a festival of lights that literally makes Lyon beam of neon lights. It's really alright though because I know that a lot of change is in my near future--I need to embrace the new challenges and changing circumstances that are coming my way!

Anyway, this week has been quite productive if I say so myself. I wrote 3 essays, had an in class essay for a final, came up with a genius idea with Jessica for our presentation on Monday, and now, I only have one more essay to write and then, 3 finals to study for. I'm only worried about one final because I really have no idea what to study or what the class is even about. Promising, eh? It's called Social Democracy in Europe in the 20th Century. It's more like a laundry list of social democratic parties all throughout Europe from 1900-1999. But, thankfully, a French student sent me her notes. She basically transcribes everything that the professor says so it's quite elaborate and in fact, I think that will suffice for studying material. In addition, the professor sent the international student his lecture notes so we have that to supplement our studying with as well.

Maria comes in the day of that final; then, I have one more the day after. Then, I think we're going to Paris for 2 days since it's her first time in Europe. I'll show her all around Paris, Lyon, and we may do a day trip to the south of France depending on train ticket prices. Then, she's off to Germany on the 22nd to visit Nick. And two days later, I'm on a flight back to LA just in time for Christmas :) I really am excited to see my family. Oh, how I've missed them! And the chickens...and the dogs...and well, of course, the food.

Here's a weekly roundup of my studying in France. It's nothing too fancy or interesting, just my life :)

[Emily cooked us dinner!]

[The menu: Salad Lyonnaise, l'Entrecote-scalloped potatoes & carmelized onions on steak, Cheese, Caramel Flan/Chocolate Lava Cake, and tea]

[Beautiful, isn't it?]

[Oh how I will miss you, Baguette]

[My studying dungeon for 2 weeks]

[Never-ending TO DO/FINALS list. sigh.]

[Jam-packed calendar]

[French and Pasta. How appropriate]

[Jess and I studying at l'Antre-Autre]

[Isn't it cute??]

[The countdown has begun]



Susan said...

We're so excited to have you back but can appreciate the range of emotions you must be feeling. I was just thinking minutes ago of all of the different type of kimchi and banchan to get.

Aunt Mary is hosting a party for her Korean drama group (40-50 people) on 12/23. She's planning on cooking full Korean pedestrian food so she'll be mindful to cook extra for you.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You'll be stinking up pretty good.


Mannnn...LOVED this entry.

Can't wait to hear about all your travels! Enjoy your last couple days!!!!!!

PS. We definitly need to do Korean BBQ! Maybe that can be our first hangout time. =]