Screen on the Green


Everybody hates's the beginning of work, school or chaos with no near end in sight. However, little did I know that Mondays are worse when all you do is work...non-paid work. Without school or family or the regularities of daily life to make the week fly by, Mondays just suck. And that is why it took me so long to accept it but I've finally decided that that's just the way the ball rolls and it would be best to come to terms with it...every other day, there's something to look forward to so it's ok to not do anything and just veg at home on Monday nights.

Well, yesterday was an exception...and a good one at that. After realizing that a couple of my friends played volleyball in high school, we decided to pitch in and buy a cheap vball. Also, it was the last "Screen on the Green" for this summer. Screen on the Green is an outdoor movie at The Mall (the stretch of lawn that extends from the Capitol building to the Washington monument). They play old movies on a huge projector screen and a bunch of people bring blankets and picnic stuff and just hang out. Since it was the last one of the summer and they were playing "Superman," we decided to go. We played volleyball for the first 15 minutes before the sun went down and took a few photo ops of the beautiful sunset.

(Here's the gang getting ready for the movie!)
(The screen was kind of small)

After about 30-40 minutes of not really seeing or hearing anything, we decided to peace out. We headed over to Five Guys (a burger joint similar to In & Out) to feast on some yummy cheeseburgers and hot french fries :-)

(This old man was so little)
(Looks good, doesn't it? This should be their marketing picture)
(Eric and Nick pigging out)
(This guy who worked there asked me to take a picture, then, gave me his email to send it to him)

After my buddies were done stuffing their faces, we headed home. I felt very satisfied with my Monday night..wouldn't you?

Tomorrow (Thursday) is my last day at will be nice to be done. I loved the opportunity of writing at least 3-4 blog postings/articles a week, but I'm ready to end. Plus, my best friend, Eli, is coming to visit this Saturday. On Monday, we'll be going to New York for an intense, one-night trip. It's going to be exhausting but so much fun. She leaves Wednesday, so we'll have 4 days to bond and catch up. I'm so excited!

(Sophomore year of high school; now, we're entering our junior year of college!)

Ok, well that's all for now. Until next time...

Happy Wednesday!

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Eric said...

yay that burger was so good