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I realize that I've only been updating the blog once a week, usually after the weekend, so I need to put a little more time into blogging :-) My apologies...

After many weekends of traveling--and a couple more to come--I was really looking forward to this past weekend staying in DC. Whether I had big plans or not, it was nice to relax and know that I wasn't going anywhere far. I find it interesting that DC now has a "home" feeling to it. After traveling to New York the weekend before last and not having that familiarity with the area, coming back to DC was easy and home-like. Don't get me wrong--it will never compare to my actual home, but for the time being, it'll do =)

Anyway, Friday was another unproductive day for me. As I sat around, moving from couch to bed and back to couch again, I justified another wasted day by telling myself, "I'm always busy" so a day like this is necessary every once in awhile...right? Well, it worked for me. Friday night, about 8 of us decided to check out the only Korean restaurant nearby, called Mandu.

The food itself was good (not great) but the restaurant was very Americanized. Plus, it was a little pricey. I'd much rather go to New York's Korean Row and get some real Korean food than spend $18 on sub-par stuff.

On Saturday, I went to the National Archives to see the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Magna Carta among other things with Nick, Chad, Eric, John, Andrea, Perry and Jimmy. It was really cool to see such historical documents in its original form right before my eyes! I took pictures of every document but like most things, pictures don't do it justice, so I decided to only post a few.

(Me with the Magna Carta)
(Original changes made to the Constitution; First draft)
(Emancipation Proclamation that ultimately ended the Revolutionary War)

(Photography and writing..what more can I ask for?)

After about an hour in the National Archives, we decided to watch Pineapple Express in Chinatown. But before that, we stopped by the Peace Festival and then, the hamburger joint The Good Stuff to grab a bite to eat. A fun little fact: Spike from Bravo's "Top Chef" is the chef at The Good Stuff. He was there cooking, taking orders, distributing food, doing the same hard work as everyone else! I didn't take a picture because I thought it would be weird, but I took a mental note of it. For those of you who don't know, he was the top 3 and very's nice to see him successful at such a great place! That burger was probably the best I've had..ever.

(We look like one big happy family)

(There were lots n lots of people, including this little person inquiring about the shirtless guy)

We didn't stay long at the Peace Festival but it was really cool seeing so many people. Yolanda Adams, a famous gospel singer, was scheduled to perform later that evening, but since we had a movie to catch, we couldn't stay to watch. PS- the movie was hilarious!

On Sunday, I woke up early to watch the USA vs China basketball game, along with the other millions of viewers. I've been semi-glued to the TV as the Olympics unfold. The Olympics hold a very special place in my heart as I once dreamed to go to the 2006 Winter Olympics for Women's Figure Skating. Although this is the summer Olympics, I still understand the commitment and passion that these athletes have for the sport. Plus, who can forget Carrie Shrug's gymnastic performance many years ago that sparked so many tears from Americans across the nation? With all the hype and excitement around Michael Phelps, I can't help but watch :-)

After my dose of morning Olympics, my roommates and I went to Daria's dad's friend's house to swim in her pool. I'll post pictures soon, along with a detailed account of how beautiful this house was and just how relaxing the change of scene was for us.

Until then, ciao ;-)


Anonymous said...

Well that's kind of fun... for you to see a contestant from one of my favorite shows in person. It's good to know he's working hard in real life and not pulling his sneaky tricks or playing the cocky imbecile that he was on the show. (Can you tell he wasn't the one I was pulling for?) And what's with the ugly hats he insisted on wearing? And why couldn't he put them on straight? :)

By the way, I think of you every time I make Korean food and feel bad. If I could send you some, I would. Just think of the feasting though, when you get back. Today I made Dak-Do-Ri-Tang for the daily special but put up the SOLD OUT sign after selling just a few orders because Jonathon and Carl were drooling over it. I figured I had better save the rest for them. Sheesh. Can't fool that Korean blood no matter how Americanized a person.

Aunt Mary

Britney said...

I know who Spike is!!! How cool!

<3 Hawaii