An unforeseen perk of living in the city is that lots of people want to visit! In just the short few months we've lived here, we've already had a handful of friends and family visit. At the end of July, the mastermind behind Blossom Vintage—my best friend Jamie Lee—caravanned across the country, with New York being one of their pitstops. Even though the trip was short, it was wonderful to host and hang out. One of my favorite moments of that weekend took place at the Brooklyn Flea. There was this overwhelming surge of emotions as I watched people she loved from all over New York/Brooklyn come out to support her incredible endeavors. Friends, family, and little ones braved the scorching heat to show their support...and it was magical! Here are some photos from that day.

It's always hard saying bye, especially when you don't know when you'll see them again. And especially when you both realize that the next time you see each other, another human being who has comfortably grown in mama's belly will be out in the world to finally meet!

Meanwhile, another set of super rad individuals came to visit shortly after. Chris and Shelli Mitchell, an awesome husband-and-wife duo whom we grew exceptionally close to in Seoul, drove all the way from Columbus, Ohio to stay with us for 48 hours. That's right. Their total drive time probably equated to more than half their time here. But that's how much they love us! :-) For the most part, we just hung out, caught up, and ate really well. Although the trip was short, it filled our spirits with joy and much-needed quality time.

[The most special part was being able to celebrate Shelli's 
birthday with some gooey brownies & ice cream!]

Thank you friends for helping us make New York "home" by filling our hearts and apartment with laughter, love, and good times. We love you!

Until next time...

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Jamie said...

I love all the photos!!!! You always capture the most real side of me (last photo). I love you so much. Our time in NY was beautiful <3