vacation: the art of doing nothing


Two days after we landed, Mark and I drove six hours north to Mammoth Lakes, CA to literally do nothing for six days. After a crazy month leading up to our big move from Korea to the U.S., we knew this time in the mountains was crucial to our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Especially since a two-week road trip up and down the Pacific Northwest would immediately follow.

There's not a lot to report on our vacation since we succeeded in doing nothing. My girlfriends drove up for the weekend, which was amazing. We cooked dinner, watched scary movies (against my wishes), baked cookies, and played in the snow. After they left, Mark and I continued to do nothing but read, watch TV, and eat. Then, on the second to last day, we hit the slopes in seemingly perfect conditions. Powdery snow, beautiful sun, barely anyone out.

I'll admit, for the first couple of days, it was difficult for me to not work. But thankfully, Mark put his foot down and insisted that I rest. By the third or fourth day, I sank into total rest mode. Lazing around, napping, falling asleep super early, eating at all times of the day. It was awesome :)

[We were lucky with lots of snow. Every morning, we had to shovel the snow off of the balcony.]

[One of my girlfriends looking at re.write magazine's print edition for the first time!]

[The menu: pork chops, brussel sprouts, green beans, and cheesy biscuits...yum!]

[Perfect lazy mornings]

[This was taken as I was getting the "family pic" ready. I can't stop looking at the overly excited faces.]

[During an impromptu photo shoot, Mark says, "This is sooo Nautica."]

[Getting our act together for a group photo]

[There's a lot of laughter among us. <3]

[Mark: "Let's do a manly pose."]


[My attire was found in the basement of my's probably from the 90s.]

After six days of complete rest, we hit the road for our business trip, where we interviewed people in five different cities to be featured in re.write magazine in 2014. Stay tuned for the epic #rewriteroadtrip...

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melody said...

I am back from my own vacation and finally have the time to catch up on your blog. These pictures have me grinning from ear to ear!